Optometry Steps

A ... cover seized his left eye, the right eye is fog. Prescribed for eye 0.2 depending

B. instrument for optometry in right eye spherical fine disk allocated until it is checked fuzzy distinguish 0.2 line sign. If the fog during the audition, can directly be liable to immediate add +1.00DS spherical spray, check Visual acuity, if better or worse than 0.2, an appropriate increase or reduce the degree of fog until just fuzzy resolution 0.2 line sign.

C. cover his right eye, his left eye is open, fog as his left eye, right eye.

D. open eyes and eyes while looking at 0.3 per cent of patients with Visual target, fuzzy can tell. 0.3 line sign is very clear, both eyes at the same time increase the fog of +0.25DS mirrors.

E. covering his left eye, right eye spherical fine disc gradually became 0.25DS (increasing -0.25DS of myopic scope or gradual reduction of hyperopia ball +0.25DS mirror) until its vision to reach 1.0 per cent.