LCD Vision Table To Adapt To A Variety Of Optometry Environment

LCD vision meter, also known as automatic electronic vision checker, as the standard arrangement in line with the new national vision standards. This vision table for children, adolescents or automatic electronic vision examination of the general physical examination, visual barrier screening and ophthalmology and optometry clinical diagnosis and treatment, academic, scientific research, LCD Visual Acuity Chart teaching and audition and other aspects of vision determination. Especially for the air force recruitment examination of visual inspection, to solve the medical staff command, evaluation, recording, statistics and other work on the results of the results, LCD Visual Acuity Chart so that the results more just and reasonable.

LCD vision meter is a new element in the field of modern vision, perfect interpretation!

19-inch high-resolution large color LCD display, the appearance of ultra-thin luxury

High-definition picture texture, LCD Visual Acuity Chart high contrast light background light, showing smooth flicker-free,

Running quiet and no noise

Large range of visual display: 0.03 - 2.0

Working distance: 3.0M - 6.0M, every 50cm for a distance adjustment, suitable for more use of site conditions

Using red and green view method to achieve the effect of polarized lenses to meet the full binocular vision function check

A variety of display (single, single row, single row), a single line of visual signs open random appearance, eliminating the patient due to memory caused by the measurement error.

23-inch polarized LCD screen, to adapt to a variety of optometry environment

Polarization view visual function, LCD Visual Acuity Chart support for Bluetooth, infrared online

Modeling fashion, narrow-edge ultra-thin design, highlight the store image

Original astigmatism axis, the degree of rapid inspection as the standard

According to optometry distance, precise adjustment of the standard size