Comprehensive Refractometer In China 's Popularity

The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the integrated refractometer in visual function determines the superiority that will be gradually popularized. Integrated refractometer in foreign applications has been nearly a hundred years of history, after several replacement, the product has been relatively mature and mature, Phoropter and has formed a more perfect clinical practice model of optometrists, clinical optometrist is an indispensable diagnostic tool, widely used in ophthalmology Hospital, glasses store. Let us take a look at the following integrated refractometer.

Comprehensive refractometer, also known as refractive combination mirror, as the name suggests, is to test a variety of test lenses together, is currently recognized as the main international optometry equipment. Comprehensive refractometer can not only complete the myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and binocular refractive balance and other conventional refractive quantitative examination, and can achieve multiple special visual test function. Comprehensive refractometer by the vision tester, projector and optometry combination of three parts. Phoropter Compared with the traditional manual insert optometry method, the use of integrated refractometer, with a convenient, fast and accurate features, can eliminate the stack of test lenses caused by the integrated lens degree error. In addition, the use of integrated refractometer, to carry out a complete visual function testing and quantitative analysis, Phoropter which is almost impossible to use other optometry methods can not be achieved.

At present, the domestic optometry sector is more unified optometry standards are: see clearly, see comfortable, see lasting. "See clearly, see comfortable" need optometrists to optometry patients with refractive examination (that is, narrow sense of optometry) and try to wear, and "see a lasting" you need to visualize the visual function of patients with the analysis. But most of the optical shop optometry has been stuck in the narrow sense of optometry. Integrated refractometer in China's popularity and application, has a very important significance, Phoropter will greatly enhance the level of scientific optometry technology, for the glasses retail store operators, the use of integrated refractometer for a complete optometry inspection is also a professional ethics required. From a competitive point of view, the use of integrated optometry instrument optometry, Phoropter is the professional level of optometry signs, optical shop to enhance their competitiveness as an effective means.

The application of integrated refractometer

The purpose of optometry: A, clear vision. B, comfortable eyes. C, lasting reading.

Optometry is divided into three stages: A, the initial stage. B, the exact stage. C, the final stage.

A: The initial stage: optometrist to collect the basic information of patients with refractive status. Inspection optometry and computer optometry is the focus of this phase. (Integrated refractometer for retinoscopy "R" bit, can offset the working distance of 67 cm.

B: Precise phase: is the initial stage of the information obtained by the test. Phoropter Mainly the use of integrated refractometer, the stage of the main emphasis on patients with subtle changes in the subjective reflection, also known as the main refraction.

C: the end of the stage: including binocular vision balance and try to try to wear. Is the experience and scientific judgment.