Slit-lamp structure

Slit-lamp structure consists of two parts, namely "the slit-lamp" and "microscope". In order to facilitate the crack of light from different angles the eye parts and microscope eyes from different angles, require slit-lamp microscope in machinery has enough side to side on angle. Slit lamp light source requires its fractured edge must be very smooth, fracture must be clear Imaging in left Center on a vertical surface, and focusing of the microscope must also focus on the center of the vertical plane.

Slit lighting must have: 1. Slit width adjustable in the range of 0 to 14mm; 2. Crack length adjustable in the range of 1 to 14mm (long 14mm wide fissure is actually a circular spot lighting); 3. Fracture direction can be adjusted. That cracks perpendicular to the light source can be, can also be a level, you can lean: 4. adjustable brightness of the light source.