Principle and application of ophthalmic equipment

The ophthalmic equipment and applications included in clinical Ophthalmology examination equipment and 34 species of ophthalmic clinical treatment equipment and 11 species of animal experiments of Ophthalmology equipment 4, moreover, in order to enhance reader ophthalmic equipment bidding and the acquisition of knowledge of the process of understanding, we dedicated a chapter on hospital equipment and some basic specifications of configuration management. Appendix included ophthalmic products company in the world classification list, so that readers check out. The principle and application of ophthalmic equipment is characterized by simple, practical, and guide the reader from the most basic form, structure, specifications, and simple method of operation, and hope that readers will take this completed one of the most basic operations, and through the basic principles of interpretation, the main use of clinical experience, the reviews, so that readers have a more profound understanding of the equipment.