OD right eye OS says his left eye;

"Ten," said convex tablets (hyperopia); " -"Concave (myopia);" Ten "or"-"after the Arab values is the diopter lenses, but note that the glasses prescription on the diopter glasses and you say different, 100 times between them, as says the -1.00D is equivalent to the usual 100 degrees;

DS spherical (myopia or hyperopia), DC cylinder (astigmatism);

In DS behind has a cross of "()" said front of ball mirror joint behind of column mirror, in DC behind has a "x", is will front of astigmatism degrees and behind of astigmatism mirror axis degrees (has 1~180 °) separate; like: -2.00 DS () -1.00DCx60 °, said 200 degrees of myopia mirror joint 100 degrees of astigmatism mirror, astigmatism of axis degrees is 60 °;